Monday, March 11, 2013

#77 - Kofuku Sushi's Kaisen Donburi

Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku

This place has an entrance that lures away first time visitors. Once inside, you will notice it is mostly counter style, which is traditional Edo-mae, or Tokyo style Sushi.

Per recommendation from friends, I made the visit, and ordered the lunch special which is one single menu - the Kaisen donburi.

Taste is good enough, sushi is big and chunky. But that, to me is about average.

Not until I ate the last piece of Sushi which was the Chu Toro.


They always have at least one exquisite piece of sushi, if not more. This pays for the whole bowl.

There was another surprise that made the visit special.

The master suddenly placed chunks of freshly half boiled octopus on my bowl.

"Oishiikara Tabete mina"

Delicious and special.

Not bad for JPY1000..!