Monday, April 20, 2009

File#27 - Bvlgari Tokyo Restaurants

Bvlgari Tokyo Restaurants - Il Bar @ Ginza, Tokyo

ym: " Congratulations Aya!"

flowers, flowers, and white wine at the top of Ginza

Monday, April 13, 2009

File#26 - Su Rah Tan Men

Su Rah Tan Men
Hong Kong En @ Kojimachi, Tokyo
ym: "True to the basics-kind of su-rah. "

another one of MS's local gourmet introductions

Friday, April 10, 2009

25th Anniversary File - Sakura, Shoyu Ramen and Ankou-nabe....The Real Edo Style LIVES

ym: "Magnificent "draping" sakura which stands
right in front of the main gate of the Imperial Palace."

Shoyu Ramen
Isono @ Kanda, Tokyo

ym: "light but very tasty soup - decent tokyo style shoyu ramen.
my style"

ym: "very famous and traditional ("shinise")
Japanese Edo-style restaurant for anglerfish soup bowl ("ankou-nabe")
Exquisite taste, nostalgic atmosphere, and a real cool place for a Saturday nite date....."

Check OUT the video

thx to MS for the usual upscale edo-style-gourmet tour

Monday, April 6, 2009

File#24 - Today's Toltelloni

"Today's Tortelloni"
Delizioso Firenze @ New Maru-Biru, Marunouchi, Tokyo

ym: "with guest from mega-large currency hedge fund.
as he says, wine from high-altitude climates actually make you high.
well PROVED. great dinner"

Fle#23 - Club 33

"The Special Celebration Dinner"
Club 33 @ TDL
ym: "thank you N-san for the magical setup. was a big surprise for her."