Thursday, March 8, 2012

#75 - Tsukemen Dai @ Sharin

Tsukemen Dai
Sharin @ iiyo!!, Eiraku Building,
Marunouchi, Tokyo

In the newly opened eatery corridors of the Marunouchi Eiraku bldg, one will find yet another Neo Tokyo style Tsukemen-ya. As you may well know, it is no surprise that you face a line of usually 6 to 20 people, in the age vicinity of IT firm teens to the elderly. Nowadays you will even see Marunouchi and Otemachi OLs with their daily-use 800 dollar Christian Louboutins lining up with their hair bundled and ready for a funky lunch like this.

The Tsukemen Dai (Large) is what we recommend. No additional tsukemen toppings, not even the ajitama, but straight forward tsukemen hit and run style. The reason why;

At Sharin, which is a brother sister related tsukemen-ya of the legendary Rokurinsha @ Osaki, Tokyo, is supportive of customers and fans that order the Dai size. Size DOES matter in the tsukemen universe, for both the pitching and the batting side. One shall not be least worried when the default tsukemen soup finally arrives before you but is not fully topped to the edge of the soup bowl. Not always will the shop staff tell or remind you, but for the customers that order the top menu of all - the Dai size, one is priviledged with a special option that no ordinary sized citizen is entitled to.

The Chat-Cha.

In a more civilized language, it is A Newly Refreshed Bowl of Tsukemen Soup. Okawari soup. Now you know.

Only a very few number of shops in Japan will provide such options, if not only to very few selected customers who are aquainted with the staff.

If you are lucky you will find secretly installed ingredients within the refreshed soup. You are now facing an even more pleasuresome second round of tsukemen.

舎鈴 @ iiyo!!
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Tsukemen soup
Tsukemen Dai
Chat-cha Soup