Friday, July 31, 2009

File#41 - A-un

Gokara Tantanmen
A-un @ Bunkyo-ku

"極上 Gokujyoh" stands for "Ultimate"

A-un. This place is one that presents a "sort of 極 Kiwami".
The below is the Kiwami experience one had today.
And it does not happen everyday.

The "Gokara (5 spice) Tantanmen (aka Highest Spice Level Tantanmen)

* 5 different levels of blended spice and soup that constructs a "chaotic" - half "mad" tantan-men.

* Only several (two persons for this week) have been able to finish off the bowl, according to the worried master in the counter
* First tasting of the soup kicks-in in about 1 minute. Never before has one tasted and felt this spice before - a first time experience
* You (actually your body) cannot resist from coughing

* The tantan begins to taste differently half way through
* One feels for the first time (rather, "remember") that one is sweating pretty much
* One recognizes that this is a challenge not against the hot spicy magma pit in front, but against thyself
* And there is no pulling back.
* One begins to enjoy the experience, as well as the spice - surprisingl y boucing back from the first shock
*Your tasting ability has already evolved since the 1st phase.
* One notices spectators looking / cheering / worried / entertained

* One realizes, there is still a whole chunk of noodles, which have well-blended with the spice elements (seeds and stuff) at the lower layer of the soup structure, to form a second round of taste.
* One feels for the first time (rather, "remember") that one had order an "Omori (1.5 to 2.0 times serving)" of the "men(noodle)". But there is NEVER, regret
* By this time, everyone else sharing the table have finished their tanta ns. Some have started on desert which is a sweet n mild pudding. One sighs, but only in his heart.

* All things, no matter how tough and impossible the challenge may seem, comes to an end.
* One must always try to overcome it. (reference; Karate Kid)
* One finishes the bowl.
* One begins to know - that things will start tasting differently from now (TRUE).
* The self is no longer what it used to be.


阿吽(あうん、Skt:A - hum)は仏教の呪文(真言)の1つ。悉曇文字(梵字)において、阿は口を開いて最初に出す音、吽は口を閉じて出す最後の音であり、そこから、それぞれ 宇宙の始まりと終わりを表す言葉とされた。また、宇宙のほかにも、前者を真実や求道心に、後者を智慧や涅槃にたとえる場合もある。次いで、対となる物を表す用語としても使用された。特に狛犬や仁王、沖縄のシーサーなど、一対で存在する宗教的な像のモチーフとされた。口が開いている方を阿形(あぎょう)、閉じている方を吽形(うんぎょう)と言う。転じて、2人の人物が呼吸まで合わせるように共に行動しているさまを阿吽の呼吸、阿吽の仲などと呼ぶ。


And so, one reads these words again, which bear a new meaning