Tuesday, February 17, 2009

File#14 - Kamo Yaki & Sarashina Soba

"Kamo Yaki (top) &
Ko-Ebi Tempura Sarashina Soba(bottom)"

Souhonke Sarashina-Horii @ Azabu Jyuban, Tokyo

ym: "Sarashina means it is 100% made from only the very core part of the buckwheat,
where it contains the most sweetness. As in a normal soba, flour would be used as an addition (called tsunagi) to blend that sweetness.

Also note there are two types of soba-tsuyu (dip sauce).
According to the master, the tsuyu is where the extra investment is made,
and it uses a 10 year vintage tsuyu base.

No wonder the difference.
A soba-connoisseur would first realize that the scent of the tsuyu is different,
and then the harmony of it with the sarashina soba."

They even disclose theingredients -
which is rare for a business of such old standing (since 1789)."

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